Please provide a title for me and argue either for or against minimum wage being raised

Paper details:

I need an outline and the paper for the following assignment.

Compare/Contrast Assignment:

Supporting an Argument through Compare / Contrast

Value: 250 points (25% of grade)

Minimum word count: 1200 words

Required sources: 3

This paper has the most “weight” of any paper in the course and the longest word count requirement.

Closely follow instructions in the module and thoroughly edit your paper for past writing errors and feedback for each stage of the paper.

Main Goal:

Write an argumentative essay that compares and contrasts two sides of an issue then determine and support which side you believe is better.

Topic Choices:

Should minimum wage be raised? (argue for or against)


With this paper, students are responsible for researching 3 credible source materials from the college library databases.


1. You must have at least 1200 words to earn a passing grade on this assignment. Minimum word count does not include the heading, title, or Works Cited page of your paper. Please use Times News Roman 12-point.

2. You must have a clear and developed introductory paragraph that contains an argumentative thesis statement. See more about introductions in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

3. You must have three or more body paragraphs unified by clear topic sentences and focused on proving the thesis through either the point-by-point or subject-by-subject organizational strategy. See more about body paragraphs in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

4. You must incorporate material from a minimum of 3 credible sources. Any quotes, paraphrases, or summaries must be introduced and incorporated into your own sentences. They must include an in-text citation or acknowledgment in MLA format and a follow-up sentence that clearly relates the material to your own argument. Check past modules for more information about quoting from sources and avoiding plagiarism.

5. You must have a conclusion that brings closure to your entire essay. See more about conclusions in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

6. You must include a Works Cited page as the last page of the document. This page must be in MLA format. See past paper modules for more about the works cited.

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