PICOT question and EBP levels of collaboration


PICOT question and EBP levels of collaboration

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Your PICOT question focuses on an area of clinical need or area that you would like to look into the evidence further to find answers. If your PICOT question were developed into a project, there would be various levels of collaboration as nursing minds from various levels contributed to your knowledge about your EBP project. In Chapter 2, figure 2-1 (Griffin & Titler, 2019, p. 44), you see a model of EBP Levels of Collaboration. Describe how your PICOT question could be addressed at the 5 different levels of collaboration (individual, organizational, regional, national, international) by describing how your PICOT question could be or has already been addressed at the various levels of collaboration. For example, if your PICOT question sought to look at flu vaccine rates in infants less than 1 year of age, nurses working at the national level would consider Society of Pediatric Nurses and developing clinical practice guidelines for administering flu vaccines for infants and children.
Griffin, E. & Titler, M.G. (2019). Using evidence through collaboration to promote excellence in nursing practice. N.A. Schmidt & J.M. Brown (Eds.), Evidence-based practice for nurses: Appraisal and application of research (4th ed., pp.43-66). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
My PICOT Q is:
In patients with elective procedures, what is the effect of non-NPO compared to NPO for 8 hours prior to procedure on recovery complications within 4 days after procedure?

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