PICOT form

Amount of work: 1 page double spaced

Subject: Nursing

Paper Format: APA

Sources needed: 3

Preferred language style: US English

Paper details:

Select three (3) articles with • 1 Quality Improvement, • 1 Research article • 1 EBP use the 3 articles you selected. PICO/PICOT Question Remember, this is your “burning” clinical question you want an answer to Post your PICOT question.

PICOT form

Patient Population of interest: What populations are you interested in?
Intervention/Issue: What intervention are you interested in?
Comparison Intervention: What will the intervention be compared to?
Outcomes: What outcome do you want to see?
Time: What time frame for or duration of the study?

These three articles below or 3 nursing research articles that has evidence-based practice in psych nursing or mental health that you can find.

-Stein, C. S., Thomas, H., & Kaur, H. (2018). The use of electronic health records to support population health: A systematic review of literature. Journal of Medical Systems, 42(11), 214. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007%2Fs10916-018-1075-6

-Yanamadala, S., Morrison, D., Curtin, C., McDonald, K., & Hernandez-Boussard., T. (2016). Electronic health records and quality of care. Medicine (Baltimore), 95(19), e3332. https://dx.doi.org/10.1097%2FMD.0000000000003332

-Using de-identified electronic health records to research mental health supported housing services: A feasibility study
Christian Dalton-LockeID, Johan H. Thygesen, Nomi Werbeloff1, David Osborn, Helen Killaspy

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