PHIL_101 First Week Writing Assignment


  • What is reality? What is this game we’re all playing, being humans and running around a planet? What are the rules or the framework to reality? What are its principle objects, elements, and laws? What kind of thing are you as a thing living in it? If you made a documentary explaining reality, what is the story? What are the major things that would NEED to be included in that picture?
  • How do you decide what to believe? How do you think you/we ought to decide what to believe? What standard or foundation do you employ to determine what should be believed and what shouldn’t? How do you/we get at the truth?
  • What are the values that rule your life? What values do you think ought to rule your/our lives? What are the most important things in life? What gives meaning to life? What things are “deal-breakers”, i.e. values that are not optional; moral obligations? What is the ideal for how we should be as people?

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