Persuasive Essay Topics about Gun Control: A Well-Arranged Outline on How to Build an Argument

gun control essay

For many generations, gun control and ownership have been hotly debated issues in a number of countries throughout the world. This subject is easily debated because there are numerous opposing viewpoints on it, that is why it is an excellent choice for an essay.

Many students are required to prepare a gun control essay due to the subject’s complexity and worldwide importance. How can you do it correctly and obtain a good grade? This post will provide you with a detailed tutorial that will show you a variety of useful tips and methods.

Definition of Gun Control

So, you’ve been given the task of writing an essay on gun control. What should you do first? First and foremost, you must guarantee that you have a thorough understanding of the subject of gun control before forming an opinion or making any statements.

In a nutshell, gun control comprises a system of rules and regulations that affect the manufacture, transfer, possession, and use of firearms as well as other connected issues under a given legislation.

The majority of countries in the world have strict gun control laws. Most laws restrict the acquisition and use of firearms, making gun ownership a privilege—meaning that only a small number of individuals are permitted to own and use firearms.

However, several countries still have gun-control regimes that are liberal. The United States of America is one of these countries. People in most parts of the United States are allowed to own firearms because of the country’s colonial past and well-developed gun culture. As a result, the debate over gun restriction in the United States is particularly heated and serious.

At this time, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution preserves civilians’ right to own firearms, which is sometimes used as a justification for gun control legislation in this country. Meanwhile, pro-gun control advocates argue that the right to own and use firearms is restricted, and that certain limitations and procedures should be put in place to limit access to specified categories of individuals and locations.

Choose a side to debate.

To begin, familiarize yourself with weapons rules in general and look for regularly used arguments on all sides of the discussion. Actually, a philosophical dilemma lies at the heart of the debate on this topic: is gun ownership a right or a privilege? And there are a slew of additional issues that arise as a result of this one that should be addressed, including gun ownership, production, use, trade, transfer, liability for misuse, and so on.

Here are some of the main points made by proponents of gun control:

• Gun control laws minimize gun deaths; • most guns used in crimes are purchased legally rather than through gun dealers (up to 90% in the United States); and gun ownership maximize the amount of firearm fatalities and domestic violence.

The following general principles could be used by opponents:

• gun ownership is the greatest method to ensure self-defense; • gun control would do nothing but increase the access to guns on the black market; and expanded gun safety education will be more successful than greater firearms regulation.

Some individuals believe that having more reasons on their side strengthens their viewpoint, but the validity of those arguments is what matters. The better the argument, the more difficult it will be to refute it. So, what constitutes a compelling argument? First and foremost, it must be communicated plainly and simply. Second, rather than emotions, a strong argument is supported by data and facts. Finally, if your argument is for an essay, it should be based on credible sources and include resource links.

Types of Essays on Gun Control

Students may be assigned to write several multiple kinds of gun control essays. Each kind of paper has its own characteristics and quirks, which is why it’s critical to understand the differences in order to do this work.

Let’s take a deeper look at the different forms of essays and how they differ:

• Argumentative essay — this form of writing entails presenting strong arguments to back up your point of view. This sort of essay necessitates extensive study as well as the collection and analysis of arguments from credible sources.

• A cause and effect essay entails explaining the causes and consequences of an event. In the example of gun control, a student can highlight the cause and effect link of a specific law or incident that is related to the topic.

• Definition essay – as the name implies, this form of paper attempts to define an issue or word so that the reader may grasp it (s).

• Expository essay – this form of assignment necessitates in-depth study and the disclosure of facts. You must identify a deeper issue related to the subject and convey it to the reader. For example, you may look at how the government profiteers from gun control arguments (in particular).

• Persuasive essay — this style of work must persuade readers of something through facts, logic, or feelings.

• Reflection essay – in this form of paper, the writer is required to reflect on his or her subjective view or thoughts on a specific issue.

• Annotated Bibliography Essay – this form of paper aims to investigate, analyze, and summarize the available materials (such as journals, books, news reports, and so on) on a particular subject.

Let’s look at two of the most prevalent types now.

Gun Control Persuasive Essay

One of the most typical varieties of this assignment is a persuasive essay. The major purpose of this paper, as the title suggests, is to convince the audience of something and persuade them to accept your thoughts. As a result, the primary goal of a persuasive essay writer is to appear believable and to back up his or her claims with solid evidence.

How to create a strong persuasive essay about gun control – first and foremost, keep in mind the following three important pillars of persuasive writing:

1. Ethos – implies that a writer establishes credibility by relying on reliable facts and external sources.

2. Logos – a writer who uses reasoning and plainly states why it might be good or bad to assist readers understand his or her thoughts.

3. Pathos – refers to a writer’s use of the reader’s emotions to convince them of anything, such as by inducing shock or empathy.

Choose a strategy that works best for you. Then, using sound arguments, logic, or passion, you’ll be able to establish credibility and turn your essay into a true persuasive piece.

Essay on Gun Control Topic (Argumentative)

An argumentative essay is another typical form of assignment. The major goal of such a paper, as you could have guessed from its name, is to put forward an argument for or against a specific subject. An argumentative essay, unlike a persuasive document, does not require you to persuade the audience of your point of view. Nonetheless, because there are various different sorts of arguments, it is among the most challenging types of papers to write.

• Classic argumentation. This sort of reasoning necessitates the use of a five-discourse writing style, which includes an Intro, Narration, Confirmation (by supplying solid data from outside sources), Concession and Counterargument (to reveal two sides of a topic), and Conclusion.

• The Argumentation of Toulmin This argumentation paradigm assumes that you have evidence or data for statements that are immediately backed up by reliable sources (for example,  academic resources, news reports, support arguments, etc.).

• Rogerian Persuasion. This style of argumentation entails looking at assertions through both sides of the debate in order to establish common ground and achieve an agreement. This type of argumentation is among the best techniques you may choose while composing an argumentative essay about gun control issues.

You must choose a method of reasoning that best suits you in order to create a superb argumentative essay on gun control.

You must also select an appropriate topic. If you’ve been given the task of writing an argumentative essay on gun control, deciding on a topic can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to help you write a compelling gun control argumentative essay thesis:

• Gun control laws vs. crime rate: which has a greater impact?

Why Why tougher gun laws aren’t going to help prevent mass shootings

• Has gun control reduced crime in the United States?

• Gun control legislation must be tightened.

• Does gun control make it impossible for people to defend themselves?

The next step is to undertake extensive research in order to obtain sufficient evidence to support your theory. Then, to make the writing process easier, organize the information you’ve gathered into a precise gun control argumentative essay outline. When you have all of your points and a framework, all you have to do now is write your paper according to the outline you created earlier. Finally, proofread and adjust it to make it shine.

How to Pick a Good Gun Control System Topic

One of the very first things you should do before diving into your paper is to choose a topic. Even yet, it can be difficult to make up your mind and make the best decision.

Most students make a critical error at this stage: they choose themes haphazardly and without conducting prior study. Simultaneously, they choose a big topic that will be difficult to cover in a short essay, such as “why gun control is good facts” or “why gun control is good 2020.”

It’s important to recognize that gun control is a broad and worldwide issue. There are so many facets to it that it’s impossible to cover them all in one paper. As a result, we recommend that you choose a more focused and particular linked topic so that you can go further into this as you compose the essay.

Here are some crucial elements to consider while choosing an essay topic:

• Importance – Irrespective of the kind of essay you’re writing, it’s critical to concentrate on relevant and essential topics.

• Interest – a fantastic topic should pique your interest as well as that of your readers.

• Size – a good subject should be the correct size for your paper’s length. It’s critical to make sure you don’t have excessive or too little amount of details to say on the selected subject in the allotted words/pages.

• Accuracy and specificity – an excellent topic should be precise and specific. The topic “Reasons why gun control is good,” for example, is too broad, but “Stricter gun control regulations in the United States can decrease social dangers” is more precise.

• Relevance to your thesis — It is critical that the topic you choose is relevant to your thesis. If you’re writing a paper about the reasons why gun control is a good idea, your topic should be for gun control as well.

• Controversial – a good topic ought to be debatable, which means there should be both pro and con points. You’ll need to research all sides of the argument. When it comes to weapon legislation, you’ll need to research both the positive and negative aspects of gun control.

Let’s look at some fascinating topic ideas now that you have a rough understanding of what you’ll do to choose an excellent topic!

Topics for Pro-Gun Control Essays

• Why are gun control laws beneficial? Stricter rules prevent gun-related deaths.

• The availability of guns for sale increases the number of domestic violence cases.

• Stricter gun control laws will help reduce crime.

• Gun possession promotes youth violence.

Topics for Anti-Gun Control Essays

• Top 5 arguments opposing gun control

• Gun possession is by far the most effective way to secure one’s safety

• Strong arguments opposing gun control: tougher gun control laws will fuel the expansion of the black market and illicit weapons trade

• What is concealed under the guise of gun control debates

It can be difficult to write an essay on gun control. Nevertheless, if you know how best plan the process, you will have no trouble completing this assignment!

Efficient methods for writing a superb essay

Below are some of the most efficient methods for writing a superb essay to help you get started:

1. Select an appropriate topic

The easier you make your topic selection, the easier it will be to write. A good topic is one that is timely, important, and interesting. It isn’t very broad, but it does cover a wide enough range of facts to be useful in a paper. Follow the advice we gave before in this post on how to choose a suitable topic to assure success.

2. Formulate a Strong Thesis Statement On the basis of the data gathered

Create a concise, but effective thesis statement that tells your reader(s) about your perspective and gives them insight into the major issue of the paper once you have all of your reasons on why gun control is good or bad and you have stated your own position on the matter. Here are two thesis statement examples:

A bad thesis statement would be: Gun regulation has little impact on the criminal scenario. (It isn’t specific enough, and it isn’t grounded.)

There is no association between gun control and murder rates in the US states with different degrees of strictness for firearms laws, according to official homicide rates in the US counties with varying levels of strictness for guns regulations. (More precise, specific, and fact-based)

3. Do some research on the subject Thoroughly

The half-way point to success is thorough research on the issue. As a result, make sure you organize your research properly, use reliable sources, and don’t forget to take notes as you go.

4. Think about both sides of the argument

You’ll need strong supporting arguments to make your essay about gun control look truly great. And, in order to choose good arguments, you must first understand the counter-arguments. As a result, make sure to research both sides’ points.

A compelling case for gun control:

In the United States, lax rules and easy access to guns result in more than 39,000 gun-related fatalities per year.

Good counter-argument to gun control:

The homicide rate is 2.0 in Massachusetts, where gun restrictions are exceedingly severe, but just 1.4 in South Dakota, where gun laws are more liberal. As a result, it is clear that there is no causal relationship between gun control and violence.

5. Don’t Forget to Make an Outline

Although many students may overlook this phase, it is critical for producing a high-quality essay. It will make the writing process easier if you prepare a detailed plan that includes a gun control essay intro, a main body with essential ideas and arguments, and a conclusion. An outline also ensures that your statements and arguments are presented in a logical order.

Here’s a sample outline for a gun control essay:

1. Introduction

• Background: In the United States, the number of individuals who own firearms is constantly increasing. At the same time, as compared to other countries, the number of gun-related deaths in the country remains quite high (73 percent). These figures have sparked a growing number of arguments on the subject of gun regulation.

• Thesis statement: In the United States, stricter gun control legislation will not prevent crime and bloodshed.

2. The first paragraph of the body

• The main argument is that gun ownership has no impact on violence.

• Evidence/facts/statistics/examples to back up your claims.

3. Second Body Paragraph (Contrary Argument) • Main Point: The United States’ high rate of gun-related deaths is due to lax gun laws.

• Evidence/facts/statistics/examples to back up your claims.

• Supportive counter-arguments to your thesis

4. Third Body para

• The main point of the third body paragraph is that gun ownership is an effective means of self-defense.

• Evidence/facts/statistics/examples to back up your claims.

5. Conclusion

• A summary of the important points is given at the end of the paper.

• Thesis rewritten

6. Clearly state your position

It is not advisable to stay in the middle of an argument, regardless of the style of essay you are writing. You must choose a certain position and make that it is well defined.

7. Facts to Share

The majority of essay styles require you to give evidence to back up your claims. This is how you establish credibility, so make sure you use arguments that are both valid and strong.

How does one go about doing this? Let’s take a glance at some of the most frequently asked questions about this subject, as well as some suggestions on how to respond to them in your paper:

• How important is gun ownership in self-defense? – Provide statistics, facts, and examples as to how legal guns are utilized for self-defense.

• How to prevent mass shootings without gun restriction – If you have any real studies or previous research on this topic, be sure to share your findings.

• How many Americans support gun control? – Use official statistics (if available) or run your own poll to find out.

• How many nations have laws prohibiting the possession of firearms? – Look for trustworthy sources, such as government websites, and research the legal aspects of the situation.

• What impact have gun control legislation had on society? – To bolster your arguments, provide real-life examples from other countries and cultures.

You can make your essay more credible by including facts and statistics. To avoid confusing your reader, don’t add too many arguments (s). Instead of offering several facts, choose a few of the most powerful and reliable ones you can uncover!

Every essay should have a concluding paragraph. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be concise and reasonable. A conclusion, in a nutshell, is a brief message that sums up all that has been discussed throughout the article and restates your thesis. The conclusion is what leaves the readers with a lasting impression. As a result, pay close attention to this section of your work.

9. Edit and proofread your paper

Finally, an excellent gun control essay necessitates meticulous proofreading and editing. If you want to produce a truly excellent paper, don’t skip these procedures!