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Supporting Materials:
You will use a minimum of 4 credible sources in this speech. Wikipedia is NOT a credible source! You may use books, scholarly journals, valid Internet sources, etc.
Make sure that you evaluate your sources for credibility. If you use sources with poor credibility, your grade will be impacted negatively. You have access to many credible sources through the library in your student portal ( library – articles).
YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES ORALLY! This means your audience needs to hear you address your sources during your speech.
According to NPR on March 19, 2018 reported, Angel struggles with arriving to class on time at 7:00. Is a valid way to cite sources. Be specific. Tell us the date your source was published, the name of the publication or media, etc. and if applicable, what their credentials are.
Note: Structure will be evaluated based on how closely you follow the following guidelines:

Evaluation (85 points):
You will be evaluated based on the following:

Clear and logical organization of speech (Introduction, Body, Conclusion)
Use and effectiveness of attention getter
Inclusion of speech elements as covered in lecture (thesis statement in introduction, preview, summary in conclusion, concluding thought)
Construction and effectiveness of persuasive argument (adequate use of rhetorical proofs ETHOS, LOGOS, PATHOS)
Accurate citation of sources
Effective use of transition statements
Adherence to time limits
Use of effective presentation skills (eye contact, posture, vocal qualities, extemporaneous delivery)
Tip: Refrain from fallacies (faulty logic) that will weaken your argument. Refer to supplementary lecture material on Persuasive Speaking.

Time: Your speech needs to be at least 5 minutes, but no more than 6 minutes long. Points will be deducted for going under or over your time

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ATTENTION-GETTER: Must immediately capture the attention of the audience in a manner that is favorable to the topic of your speech. Often a brief story about an individual harmed by the problem aspect of your speech is an effective method for beginning a persuasive speech.
PRESENT TOPIC: Tell the audience the topic of your speech.
ESTABLISH SIGNIFICANCE: Present 2-3 sentences to convince the audience that the topic is relevant and significant to them. Make the audience realize this problem has a direct impact on them. This section of the introduction should include a source of evidence.
THESIS STATEMENT: Tell the audience what you intend to persuade them to do about the problem. This should be stated in 1 clear and concise sentence.
PREVIEW MAIN POINTS: Tell the audience the titles of the 3 main points in the body of your speech. (Effects of the problem; causes of the problem; solutions to the problem)
MAIN POINT 1: EXPLAIN THE PROBLEM: What is the problem? Present the problem to the audience. (Try to present a minimum of 2 explanation of the problem.)

Tell the audience why this is a problem?
What are the harms & effects?
When or how did this become a problem?
Transition sentence

MAIN POINT 2: CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM: In order to solve a problem, it is important to discover and explore the underlying causes of a problem.

In this part of the speech you must present to the audience reasons why the problem exists, and that nothing is being done currently to effectively solve the problem. (Try to present a minimum of 2 causes.)
Transition sentence

MAIN POINT 3: SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM: Present to the audience what action can be taken to solve the problem. (Follow guidelines below for presenting each action step; Should present at least two)

Institutional solution (First)
Support the solution (Explain how this solution logically and adequately solves or lessens an effect of the problem. You should also include a source of evidence to support the solution.)
Persuade the audience to act on the solution (Get the audience to take action by providing specific and practical steps to be taken to get involved in solving the problem.)
Personal solution-step (Second) (Follow same order as above solution step.)

This is where you tell the audience what we can do to help be a part of the solution.
Come up with a personal solution.
Sign a petition for example
Write your local government representatives
Spread awareness through social media platforms.
Make sure you appeal to the audience emotions.
Be passionate and use persuasive strategies
SUMMARY: Summarize the key points of each main point in the body of your speech.
ACTION STEP: This is your final appeal to the audience to follow through with the solution steps.
FINAL IMPACT: End your speech with a strong sense of finality that will make an emotional impact on the audience.

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