Personalized summary

Paper details:

Provide a summary about the Goffman Presentation of self, which is attached in a document below, and provide a personal or political connection to the piece.

Have you reduced a reading’s argument to its essentials?
Have you made clear what the writer is doing with their work? (How they are writing, what they are trying to achieve with their writing?)

Have you connected the reading’s argument and content to another politically and personally relevant conversation or issue?
Is your connection between the reading and your chosen conversation or issue correct?


Are your ideas and arguments presented in an effective and understandable fashion? Are your ideas and arguments deliberately organized and without logical error?


Have you written your Summary well – meaning: clearly, concisely and with minimal grammar and spelling issues? If citations are necessary, have you utilized proper citation practice – e.g., titles are italicized or in scare quotes, embedded citations are properly utilized, references are without error?

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