Personal reflection on your interactions with religion and faith

This assignment is a personal reflection on your interactions with religion and faith.

Paper details:

1) Who is the most “religious” person in your life? What is his or her faith tradition? What sort
of words, actions, and lifestyles mark this person as devoted to their faith? How does this person
practice his or her faith? How does it impact other aspects of his or her life? What do you think
about this?
2) What other religions have you encountered in your life experience (not including your answer
to section 1)? Describe and discuss your experience with other faiths. Do you view this
experience in a positive or negative light? Why?
3) Share your own religious/spiritual journey. Is religion important to you? How so? Where are
you now as compared to last year, or 3 years ago? In what ways (if any) has religion impacted
your perspective on life, your morals and ethics, and other life decisions? How might (or might
not) religion and spirituality impact your social interactions and relationships with others?

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