Pathos and Logos in I’m the NRA ad-Gov Atiyeh-Response

Paper details:

Describe the appeals of pathos and logos in the I’m the NRA ad featuring Governor Atiyeh. The ad is located in the “Intro to Rhetoric” module.

Choose 2 specific ways that the ad uses an appeal to pathos (emotion) to persuade the audience. You will also describe 2 appeals to logos (reason) found in the ad. Remember that you might not be the targeted audience. If that is the case, then you will have decide who the audience might be and how that audience might be persuaded by the appeals.

You will identify the appeal and explain how that appeal works persuasively.

Note pathos appeals come in many forms and can elicit many responses–from fear to love, from pity to guilt to patriotism etc…

Also note that the use of logical fallacies (whether purposeful or not) is an attempt at an appeal to logos (one’s sense of logic), even though ultimately the reasoning is not sound. Use the resources I posted on fallacies to learn about some of the common fallacies found in advertising and writing.

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