Part 4 | Research Proposal – Quantitative Methodology [Originality Check]

  • Topic: Part 4 | Research Proposal – Quantitative Methodology [Originality Check]
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Order instructions:Part 4 | Research Proposal – Quantitative Methodology [Originality Check]

Write an analysis proposing and justifying which type of quantitative methodology could be applied to answer the research question. Address the following elements in the proposal

Briefly restate the research question for quantitative research.
Resource Descriptive vs Inferential statistics
Propose the quantitative methodology by
Explaining your methodological approach
Describing the method to collect the data
Identifying the statistical test(s) to explain the hypothesis. Explain your rationale for using the selected test
Evaluate and justify the proposed methodology based on at least two scholarly resources. You may use your textbook as one resource.
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