Overview of Student/ College Recommendation/ College Review

Overview of Student/ College Recommendation/ College Review

Paper details:

Hello Writer
Below are the paper details.
This paper is an extension to the College Recommendation letter that you created for the student that I provided you their transcriipt.
I made some slight corrections to the paper so that it can be more personal to my style of writing.
I will provide you with that copy so you can see the changes and reference it for this paper.

This paper will be split up into 2 sections.

First Section will be for you to research four colleges for this student, which should include one private college, one state university, one CUNY, and one community college. Please use Colleges/Universities in New York City. I selected Hunter College as the school that I wrote the recommendation for said student. So that will be one of the colleges you write about. You will use the NACAC Comparative College Research Form and the Credit Tracking Form for this section, i will provide that for you in the files section.

The second part.
The part will encompass the demonstration of a wholistic overview of the student’s academic fit for the colleges that you are suggesting. This will include your review of the student’s transcriipt, standardized test scores, and student’s career goals. You must support your college recommendations based on the profile of this student.

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