TurnItIn will be utilized on this paper to detect plagiarism. Please write this paper and summarize in your own words. Please read the statement and directions in its entirety: It is stated that Public Speaking is the number one fear in the world. Some researchers even say that it is the most common. Using your book as a reference as well as other reliable sources (websites, books, articles), you cannot use yourself as a source, write a full two pages, double-spaced essay critique about that topic. The critique can be longer than two pages, but two pages is the minimum. These are things to be included in the paper: What is Glossophobia? What role does fear play in communication? What facts and statistics are out there to prove this? Who are the researchers? Make sure to use complete sentences, correct grammar and cite your sources. You must include a cover page, your full two page paper and reference page with your sources cited APA style. (Check out the APA style cheat sheet located in the module!)

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