Paper details:Summarize the results of each of the 3 articles provided individually for comparison. The EBP table is how I would like my paper, comparing the information from each of the articles. This should include the following information from each journal article:
Is an orthosis recommended or not?
What specific type of orthosis(es) is/are recommended? (You should be identifying the orthosis(es) appropriately – reference your textbooks/notes)
If an orthosis is not recommended, what is recommended instead?
What is the purpose/benefit of using this orthosis(es) in this study?
Are there any negative effects from using the orthosis(es)? If so, identify them.
How long will the patient need to use the orthosis(es)?
Is there a specific wearing schedule identified?
Were any precautions identified?
The articles are attached and the EBP part table.

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