Origins of Modern Sociological Theory- Emile Durkheim

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Order instructions:Answer each question. For each of the following questions define the key term, provide an example, and discuss the concept’s significance for the theorist mentioned.

Q1) What is a “social fact?”
Q2) What is the “collective consciousness?”
Q3) What are “collective representations” and how are they upheld in society?
Q4) Compare Durkheim with Marx and/or DuBois and/or Weber on the division of labor in society.

Please review all course lectures, Course textbook (CTS), and Du Bois readings (those in files) in order to successfully craft your essay. Do not use sources other than the 3 listed above.
Pay attention to the assignment prompt for instructions as to how you may successfully fulfill the requirements.
Address the following prompts. Define and describe the key terms of each prompt and give an example to illustrate their usefulness and significance for our theorist.

Course Textbook:
Craig Calhoun, Joseph Gerteis, James Moody, Steven Pfaff, and Indermohan Virk, eds. Classical Sociological Theory. Third Edition. New York: Wiley Blackwell, 2012. (Hereafter CTS).

Do not add the questions to your response. Simply list Q1-4 and provide your response.
Question 1, 2 and 3 should be at least 275 words, and a maximum of 375 words each. Question 4 should be at least 500 words, and a maximum of 700 words, 12 point font Times New Roman font with standard margins
Provide in-text citation for quotes: Author Year: Page (Marx 1844:389).
Edit, edit, edit. Must be as concise and clear. You should work with a draft.

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