Organizational Objectives Evaluation

Paper details:

Exam Content

-Using the company you chose in Week 1, “RED BULL” continue to assume the role of a new manager and begin to identify the internal environment and human capital assets as they relate to the strategic objectives.

-Create a 12- to 16-slide presentation, including speaker notes with a minumum of 850 words, that shows your evaluation of the company’s internal environment.

-Determine the company’s unique resources in relation to how hard they would be to duplicate, how they support sustaining value, and how they create competitive advantages for the company.

-Relate those unique resources to the strategic objectives you drafted in Week 2.

-Relate how those unique resources contribute to the achievement of the measurable outcomes you drafted in Week 2.

-Explain how the people, processes, markets, and technology contribute to the company’s competitive advantages.

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