Organizational Intervention Assignment

Paper details:

* Organizational Intervention Assignment:
* ●  Students will briefly present an organization and summarize some problem/issue/challenge that the organization seeks to address using evidence to support their descriiption.
* ●  Next, they will analyze how dynamics of power, privilege and oppression create, support or inhibit the resolution of the challenge. This will entail identifying factors internal and external to the organization (staff, service users, limited resources, municipal policies, etc.) that contribute to the issue.
* ●  Students will then identify the role of the social worker as a change agent in addressing this challenge and identify the organization’s readiness to change, which includes specifying existing (internal and external) barriers and supports.
* ●  Students will identify three possible alternative change interventions and explain which of these they consider to be the optimal choice. They must justify this choice using social work values of social, economic, and environmental justice.
* ●  Students will then provide an evaluation strategy to assess the effectiveness of the intervention. The paper will be 5 double-spaced pages in length. All citations and references must be written in APA style.

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