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This is an ongoing assignment regarding organizational change and why it’s needed at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College). For this assignment you will be doing an Organizational Improvement Change Project. Currently, the exercise science program has one degree track with two similar concentrations. This is problematic because the wide-range of job opportunities (physical therapist, occupational therapist, athletic director, gym owner, exercise physiologist, etc.) requires different educational specialties. With the current curriculum, students are either underprepared or over-prepared.

To alleviate this program, the proposed change is to offer two different degrees depending on the student’s interest. One will be more science-based (for students preparing for graduate school and/or professional schools) and the other will be more fitness-based (for students seeking to pursue careers in coaching, gyms, etc.). This requires the coordination of both the exercise science faculty, VPAA, and potential stakeholders for funding.

Organize the components of the final assignment as follows:
* Introduction and Overview. Briefly, present an overview of the organization, including organizational structure and setting. Discuss the history of the topic and why it is in need of improvement. Provide existing data or evidence that substantiates the need for change.  We are required to follow Institutional Review Board policies regarding research; administering a survey is not a part of this course.
* Change Scenario. Describe the situation that requires change within the organization.  Examine the project in relationship to several change theories and processes as presented in course readings. 
* What specifically needs improvement? Why is it important? Who in terms of stakeholders will potentially benefit? Is this surface or deep change?
* Obstacles, Impediments, and Supports for Change. In terms of your specific change initiative, describe the specific obstacles, impediments, and supports that exist. Reference the ideas and
* theoretical concepts discussed by Fullan (2016), Bolman and Deal (2017), the authors of other readings in this course, or outside scholarly sources. For example, have you experienced or do you expect intergenerational issues to impede the progress of your change initiative? How can you tap into currently existing hubs and nodes (Reeves, 2006) to garner support?
* Change Topic Analysis. Apply two or more of Bolman and Deal’s (2017) frames to your change topic initiative. Which frame(s) are the most important to consider given the
* culture and climate of your organization? What frame considerations were missing during the phases of the change process or need to be considered during the three phases?
* Action Plan. Briefly outline the steps that have been taken or will need to be taken to bring about your intended change. Include a timeline of when the actions will be taken. Think about the phases of change which could be short term if it is surface change, or long term if it is deep change. The Plan could be developed in phases and/or realistic that it most likely will take 3-5 years to bring about lasting change.
* Leadership Self-Reflection. Reflect on your leadership skills and abilities as well as your strengths and weaknesses as an agent of change. What skills did you demonstrate or will you need to demonstrate? What skills or abilities do you need to develop more fully to be an effective agent of change? Be candid. How specifically do you plan to develop yourself into the leader you wish to become? Briefly summarize your change initiative highlighting conclusions that you have drawn. What future directions and/or steps need to be taken personally, professionally, or in terms of the organization in which you work?

Your assignment should be 10-15 pages in length, not including the title page, or list of references. Use and check the accuracy of APA format and style.  See the Organizational Improvement Change Project Rubric.

I have attached relevant textbook pages to help Make sure to fully read them before beginning this assignment. Also, make sure to research Kentucky Wesleyan College to understand what the current work environment entails ( and the exercise program currently in place there ( APA format and style is required. You are encouraged to cite the readings in in this course, supplemental materials, or any additional, related scholarly works (i.e., journal articles or books). In addition to the listed text, incorporate 5 or more scholarly resources you have selected. Be sure to read the rubric before you begin this draft. Note that both the text and outside references that you will locate and read yourself are required to earn full points. A doctoral student should begin to look at other sources than a text and this will acquaint you with doing this. You may reference the required readings, supplemental texts listed in this syllabus, or any relevant scholarly sources. See the Essay Rubric. The textbook used for this class is Bolman, L., & Deal, T. E. (2017). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership (6 ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and Fullan, M. (2016). The new meaning of educational change (5th ed.). Teachers College Press. I have attached the course powerpoints, supplemental readings, as well as discussion posts written by me for your reference and use. Make sure to fully review theses documents before starting on this assignment.

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