Operations Management

Paper details:

Structure of the report (should be followed)
1. Title page, dated, with group members
2. Acknowledgements
3. Table of contents
4. Introduction (no more than 2 pages)
· Describe the purpose of the report.
· Analyze the company, the industry, and the operations observed
· Provide brief information about the company visited (size, number of locations,
product lines, number of employees and customers, critical processes, etc.).
· A conceptual flow chart of the main operations of the firm is recommended.
5. Critical competitive capabilities and priorities of the operations function (no more than 1
6. Analysis of a specific process or function of your choice (4-7 pages).
This section is the main part of the paper. Analyze one or more operations
management tasks such as quality, inventory, planning and scheduling, lean systems or
sustainability. Describe data gathered from the process, reports produced for decision-making, and policies and procedures that the company uses. Use the tools you learned in
the topics covered in class to document the process, analyze processes, examine the
inventory models, scheduling methods. Are they following sustainability and lean
systems principles? Identify problems in the areas you study.
7. Recommendations (2-4 pages).
This section of the paper is critical. It should include recommendations for the firm
to correct any problems, increase productivity, improve quality, add capabilities or
any combination of the above. Recommend specific solutions or propose clear paths
for improvement. These must relate to operations management NOT marketing or any
other discipline.
8. Conclusion
Provide a summary and highlight what you have learned from the company visit and the
people you interviewed.
9. Appendices
Any appendices must be referenced in the body of the report
Note that you may have to cover the name of the company in some of the reports or
forms, or disguise some of the figures
Team Term Paper Points: 110 points
Final Paper Due: Unit 8

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