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Be concise and to the point. There is no need to write an additional executive summary, conclusion, and etc. Imagine that you are submitting a report to your upper management who have no time to read anything extraneous. When you need to make assumptions, state them clearly, and explain why you are using them.

A good case study write-up clearly and succinctly states the recommendations in the first paragraph to provide the reader with a framework. (If a lengthy descriiption of the recommendation seems necessary, append it to the write-up.) The remaining sections should each present a major part of the rationale for the recommendation in terms of the desirable and undesirable consequences of adopting it. The rationale must consider capabilities that the operations system under study needs to excel at, and how the current system either provides these capabilities or fails to provide them.

Some common problems in preparing write-ups result from inadequate analysis. Analysis for a case study is a time consuming and intellectually challenging task. Each case has a set of questions that are a guide to help you with the analysis — however, you should not limit your analysis to narrowly answering these questions. The objective is to evaluate a complete range of alternatives and anticipate and discuss the full consequences of your recommendation.

A good write-up is not a chronology of analysis, but a clearly articulated statement of recommendation and support. If there are options under consideration in the case that are rejected by you, a clear rationale for your decision should be provided. Facts stated in the case need not be restated unless used to make a point. I will assume that the most important issues are raised in the report and that all else is less important to the writer. Both desirable and undesirable consequences should be factually stated and supported. In the overall evaluation of the write-up, the discussion of all consequences of the recommendation is of the greatest importance. You must clearly discuss how your recommendations aid in the development of capabilities that are important for the system under study.

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