Operations Management

Paper details:This assignment seeks to apply OM course material on process flow and capacity analysis to an industry-motivated
environment, while helping you develop your OM / analytical thinking and presentation skills. May be done in groups of at
most four students; submit only one assignment per group with participating students’ names included. Be clear,
concise, and cogent; legible handwritten scan / pdf or Excel / Word doc submissions are acceptable – Pages and Numbers files
do not render in Canvas and cannot be graded online, so Mac users please export your files to one of the above formats. In
case of doubts, contact the instructor in advance or state your assumptions. Max points = 50. Due by Sunday, 11:59 PM,
March 27, 2022. Ethics Note: If you work in a group of more than one, each student must attempt all required questions, contribute to the
group’s submission, and agree with all answers submitted. Submissions must be in your own words and based on your own thinking, cite
references where applicable, and not use sources such as chegg.com – life is about the journey, not the end.
Answer ANY THREE of the following set of questions on the Natural Blends (NB) case. FYI, the NB questions relate
directly to process capacity analysis and setups in the Extraction-Filtration-Concentration part of an orange juice production line. Note that
orange juice processing is a continuous flow process. This means that orange juice flows down the line drop-by-drop in a pipe with no
breaks in time, sequence, or substance (including quality). Further, no process step in itself has the capacity to store much material. To see a
visual intro of orange juice production, see the video posted under Module 3. Make and state any assumptions and work on this
assignment ASAP. Crunch numbers to justify any assessments or recommendations you make. Cost-benefit analysis can be the
cornerstone of good business decision making.

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