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Our text relates that a concept is a term that refers to “phenomena that occur in nature or in thought” (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 50). Concepts may be abstract or concrete. Each discipline has concepts that characterize it. In nursing, we have many concepts such as Nursing, Patient, Environment, Care, Cultural Care, Health, Health-related Quality of Life, Spiritual Care, Health Risk Behaviors, Hope, Grief, Patient Satisfaction, and Chronic Fatigue. Once we have a definition and examples of a concept, we can use the concept in research studies as variables. So, the practice of concept analysis is a good one for nurses in graduate and post-graduate nursing programs. Walker and Avant provide nursing students with a method to follow in concept analysis (page 58).

** You will need to click on the gray box at the bottom of this page to load your assignment in Chalk & Wire. The rubric can be found attached to the assignment instructions and resources in C&W.

Assignment Instructions

1. Review the assignment rubric attached to the assignment instructions and resources in Chalk &

2. Select a concept that is relevant to your nursing practice. Example: if you are a school nurse in a University setting you may be interested in “Health Seeking Behaviors” of young adults; if you are a nurse lobbyist you may be interested in “Political Participation of Nurses”; if you are a charge nurse in an ICU you may be interested in “Transformational Leadership”.

3. Visit the ECPI Online Library and read at least 1 concept analysis that was published.

4. Write your concept analysis of the concept using Walker and Avant’s process (p. 58).

5. Use APA subheadings for each step of the process in your paper.

6. Draw a concept map as Appendix A to your paper. Use MS Word to draw your map.

7. Utilize APA format, proofread carefully, and edit your writing to eliminate any redundancy.

8.Follow the grading rubric (below) and do not exceed 10 typed pages of content (excludes title page, references, appendices).

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