No Child Left Behind and its impact on English learners

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Topic: No Child Left Behind and its impact on English learners

In the next few weeks, you will be exploring a specific topic in the legal history of English Learner education. As you complete Module 2, think about a case or law that particularly interests you. You will have the next two weeks to conduct research that topic using academic sources, write a 3 page report, As you plan for your presentation, pretend that you are delivering it to an EL audience with intermediate English proficiency. Therefore, apply strategies that can facilitate comprehensible input. After posting your presentation, you will have the opportunity to review your peers’ presentations and respond to them.

Step 1: Research your topic using at least three sources beyond the course textbook. Your sources should be credible and objective, and preferably academic articles or books. If one of your sources seems very politically biased, try to find an additional source that comes from the opposite perspective.
Step 2: Create a coherent argument about your topic including an explanation of the impact of the topic on the instruction of English Learners.
Step 3: Determine what strategies you can use to present your topic and argument to an audience of intermediate English learners. You may choose a strategy from the book by Herrell & Jordan on from any other source. Some recommended strategies are 4, 30, 39, and 46.
Step 4: Write a 3-page report. Your report should include the following:
1. An introduction of the topic (brief explanation)
2. A coherent articulation of your argument about the impact of the topic on the instruction of English learners, citing at least 3 outside sources to support it.
3. A brief explanation of the strategy(s) that you used to make your presentation comprehensible to an audience of intermediate English proficiency.

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