New Treatment approach

Paper details:

Write a brief summary of the research findings of a new pharmacological treatment approach for
any psychiatric or neurological disorder. Ideas can be taken from the textbook’s “New
Approaches in the Pipeline” sections in the geriatric psychopharmacology chapter or can be from
your own literature search. This review paper should include a descriiption of the targeted
disorder (e.g., Parkinson’s disease), the proposed drug, it’s theorized mechanisms of action, a
summary of the key research findings to date (i.e., describe a few of the important studies),
where the literature currently stands and future directions (e.g., only tested in mice models so far;
or currently in clinical trial; or if the hypothesized mechanisms of action have failed to be
supported by recent studies, etc.). This paper should be no longer than 10 pages double spaced,
excluding references and should be formatted according to the Publication Manual of the
American Psychological Association (7th Edition).

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