New Technology – GPT-3, Natural Processing Systems (NLP)

Paper details: I need this to be a very detailed and informative 2-page outline presentation as I am going to use this outline to present face to face with my class.
– The Topic concerns one new (last 5 years) technology.
I chose GPT-3 Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, an Auto-aggressive language model that is a part of the Natural Language Processing Systems (NLP) technology.
– The topic needs to be clear and concise and directly adapted to your audience (co-workers)
– Topic should be used with technical terms and concepts clearly defined and cited with quality sources.
– Ensure the introduction and conclusion are clear to allow the audience to follow and synthesize the information.
– Be sure to do enough research to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.
– Be sure to acknowledge in the outline presentation the experience(s) that have allowed you to gain expertise with the topic.
– The technology must be arguably workplace-relevant.
– The audience is your co-workers.
– You may choose any workplace you like, whether you currently work there or not.
– Include a descriiption of your workplace and your job at the top of your outline. You will however ‘speak’ as if people knew about their own workplace.

**The outline should be guided by these questions:
– What is the technology?
– Why does it matter to this workplace?
– What will/should your coworkers do with it?

Using this GPT-3 technology, name a workplace that would be relevant in using this. What would my position/job be? And my coworkers?
Otherside AI is a company that uses GPT-3. You can use this if you can’t find another company but you should be able to. What is my position? ( i.e. admin/administrator/healthcare worker/corporate/sales worker)

If you have any questions on this or would like to add or change anything differently, please feel free to reach out at any time.

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