New Beetle

The New Beetle appeals to a number of different customer segments. Based on its shape and low price the New Beetle stood out from the initial oversized domestic cars and appealed to the new generation of America.  The model is popular among budget-minded students and drivers who want to express their personal style and individuality through the vehicle. Baby boomers prefer the model not only because of its stylish appearance by also its small size which can easily fit in the small parking spaces in homes and school compounds (Lal, 2005).

The New Beetle when marketing should focus more on students and adults who have not yet begun a family. This group of people is likely to be appeased with the car’s shape and size. It is evidently a waste of time and resources by trying to sell out the car to households with over six members. The New Beetle will not be spacious enough in accommodating them. Additional the model is engineered in such a way that it works best for short distances and light weight. Therefore it cannot target farmers living in the suburbs who might want to carry their produces with the car. Baby boomers segment in schools and those that have just joined the job market if good advertisement strategies are used will create a huge customer base for the New Beetle. Therefore to have a grip on these targeted segment efficient means of reaching and convincing customers should be deployed  

Various strategies can be employed to maximize a limited advertising budget. It is important for the company to be committed to the marketing of its output. With the rate at which other competitions for Volkswagen are incorporating technologies in their work for Vanzura to maximize the advertising budget by using effective strategies that will make them stand out.

Being on the watch out of what competitors are up to also goes a long way in maximizing advertising budget. For instance, it is likely that a company is using means of adverting that is outdated despite being expensive. This can be quickly noted by checking means other firms are using.  Another way of making sure the advertising budget is maximized is by making proper use of social media. In the current world, almost everyone has access to the internet. And especially the baby boomers are constantly doing almost everything online.

Given the pricing of New Beetle and its target group, Vanzura should focus on TV advertising. Advertising on TV will result in a lot of benefits since it incorporates images, sound, and animation which make a product attractive to consumers. An advertisement that can capture a viewer‘s attention makes him, or her reaffirm the message being propagated.

 Vanzura should opt to choose to advertise via TV because of its ability reach a broad audience (Lal, 2005). In comparison to using printed media of advertisement majority of new beetle customers are likely to be reached by the message when convoyed by the former. Additionally, Volkswagen among other companies in the world is trying all that they can to make sure what they produce is environmentally friendly. This is certainly an objective that cannot be attained if printed media of advertisement are used. Paper is the common material used in making newspapers, magazines among others prints and they are got from cutting trees down. Therefore to control deforestation activities that encourage more cutting of trees should be discouraged.

TV advertising is in a better position to demonstrate how effective and convenient the new beetle can be.  This has a significant impact in persuading the targeted audience into purchasing the car. Through commercial people can vividly see and get the feeling as though they have used a good.  Celebrities are influential people, and a lot of people like to be associated or know that they share some similarities with them. As a result, Vanzura should use well respected influential individuals in ads. This will capture the attention of even an unanticipated group of customers.

In the contemporary generation people are slowly moving away from paperwork and going digital. Focusing on means of advertisement that is not reducing paperwork will not be gladly appreciated. However focusing on TV advertisement has some shortcomings such as it is expensive.  Commercials are charged based on the time they want to be aired. Usually for an advertisement to convince its audience thoroughly, it might consume quite a considerable amount of time. Depending on the popularity of the TV station passing the advertisement cost might be high to the extent that it results in losses to a company.

From my point of view based on the rate at which the internet is being used, Vanzura ought to put much focus on social media in advertising. Having active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms that regularly feed customers with details about what Volkswagen is up to will greatly maximize its limited advertising budget. Use of the social media is not only a market strategy, but it also makes it possible for producers to get direct, reliable feedback or complaints from customers.


Lal, R. (2005, September 27). The New Beetle.

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