Need an essay on Netflix’s show Social Dilemma for psychology course


Need an essay on Netflix’s show Social Dilemma for psychology course

Paper details:

The Social Dilemma and social media paper.

The paper must be a minimum of two full, double-spaced pages not including title, name, date, citation page, etc. Use Times New Roman Font and font size 12.
Use APA formatting to cite your sources.
Must use a minimum of two sources from peer reviewed articles. Make sure the information is relevant and up to date.
GALILEO is a search engine, not a source.
Students are to write a reflection paper about the psychological effect of social media.
The following must be included in the paper.
A summary of the documentary must be included.
In the paper explain how social media influences mental health.
Track your cell phone use for one week. Explain your usage. Do you believe your cell use is excessive? Why or why not?
Discuss the pros and cons of social media. Make sure to include research on the effects of social media.
Other possible topics to include. This is by no means comprehensive. Feel free to include information relevant to the documentary and topic.
What are some possible ways to prevent addiction to social media?
After watching the documentary, are you planning on making changes to the way you use social media? If the answer is yes, explain how.
Where do you get most of your news? Do you fact check these sources? Have you ever shared something and then later found it not to be true?
Have you ever said or done something online that you most likely would not have done in person? Explain.
Have you ever posted a negative comment on a stranger’s social media page?
How d you think social media will change our relationships?
How has social media impacted critical thinking?

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