NCSBN model NPA to state nurse

Paper details:

Discussion Board Activities:
1. Read the required article and review the related websites.
2. Select the state nurse practice act you wish to use for comparison. You might want to
post your selection to the module 4 discussion board. Do you select a state that has
already been selected by a classmate.
3. Using the available table, complete each question by locating the appropriate section
from the NCSBN model nurse practice act and then comparing that to the selected State
Nurse Practice Act.
4. When fInished post your completed table to the Section 1, Module 3 Discussion Board
titled “ Comparison of a Selected state NPA to NCSBN Model Nurse Practice Act”.
5. Identify two areas where your selected state NPA and the NCSBN Model Nurse Practice
Act differed and describe which of the two languages you prefer, include a rationale with
your decision.

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