National/International Issue argument paper

  • Topic: National/International Issue argument paper
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 2 pages/double spaced (550 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 3
  • Extra features: 

Order instructions:As an individual, you will identify a controversial issue of national or international importance you are interested in studying. The essay should be written formally but should not recycle the opinions of others. Instead, this should be your nuanced opinion on the topic with a unique perspective and engaging approach. This paper should be written for a “lay audience” – that is, anyone who is unfamiliar with your topic should still be able to understand the stance you are taking (you need to “pick a side” and argue it) and the evidence you use to support your claims.

Based on the research you conduct to learn more about this topic, you will write a paper to describe the issue (analyzing the major perspectives on that issue), take a side, and present the argument using evidence and reasoning to support your claims. Your paper must be 500-600 words (TNR, 12-point font, 1” margins) and integrate at least 2 relevant and credible external sources as well as 1 image (with citation) to support your ideas. It must be composed according to proper APA style. This paper does not require an abstract.

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