Mythology The Mwindo Epic

Paper details:

Mid-Term Essay Exam Question- Analyze the appearance of animals in The Mwindo Epic. (A strong answer will provide multiple examples of the various animals that appear in this story, and connect those examples to specific insights.)
A scan of Chapter 21 of The Epic of Mwindo is included and includes a few places where I have highlighted where animals appear in the story. I did not highlight the dragon at the end of the story but I would like you to use the dragon as one of the examples.
I will also include a scan of the extra information the instructor included with our exam for your review.
There is also a video on YouTube called Crash Course Mythology #29 The Mwindo Epic that you need to watch and reference if you need to in the exam answer.
You may use 2 other sources if necessary.
This answer needs to reference the sources parenthetically and be in MLA format. The word count needs to be between 500-700 words.

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