My Future Profession – Nurse

Out of the many jobs in the world, you can only choose one. But, for my career, i choose a to become a nurse. But, not just any nurse, i want to be a Registered Nurse. There were several reason why i choose this particular job. The role of a Registered Nurse is very interesting to me. I also choose this job because i like the idea of working in a hospital. The thought of being someone’s nurse is very exciting to me. I would love being able to take someone’s blood pressure and drawing their blood. But, in order for me to get to that point, there are a couple of things that have to do in order to get my dream job.
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First and foremost, I have to complete my high school career and receive my high school diploma. But while in high school, i should try volunteering at a health clinic (as suggested by It was also recommended that I should try to better my communication skills. Once i’ve finished my high school career, i should then start looking for a good college that will help me move forward towards my career. Once i find the college that is best for me, there are a few classes that i will need. I will also have to major in Nursing or somewhere along the line in the medical field( Once i have finished college, i will then have a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree(Google). I will also have received a diploma from a nursing program.
Once I have finished college and a nursing program, i will need to start looking for jobs. According to, the average nursing job pays around 70,00 per year or 33.65 an hour. But of course, you don’t start off making that amount. You have to build your way up to making that amount. An entry level nurse would start off making around 21.65 an hour( A mid level nurse makes around 26.72 an hour ( Once you get to your senior level then you will start making the big bucks.
Your salary also depends on your location. According to, Houston,Texas is the one of the 10 cities for registered. But, you don’t want to move somewhere just because it pays good money.

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