My Desire to Become a Scientist

Learning about science has always fascinated me. Ever since I was a child, the idea of one day becoming a scientist and being able to help people through it has been my dream as long as I can remember. I remember having pictures of scientists in my walls, such as Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikolas Tesla, etc. These men have been my role models and they still are. However, recently I was able to find myself in a position that my childish imagination could never entertain as possible. I’m becoming a scientist on a university led by scientists. But not any scientists. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints scientists.
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The separation from faith and science was always there and will probably always be, until we are enlightened with greater knowledge. The memory of friends telling me that it would be ultimately impossible for me to become a true scientist living the life that I live and believing in what I believe is still very clear in my head, and for a long time I believed them. However, all changed when I learned a very simple but powerful truth: God is the greatest scientist of all times. How could it not be so, since he knows it all and orchestrates all of his creations perfectly? If our ultimate goal is to become like Him one day, why wouldn’t we be able to become scientists like Him and spiritually seek eternal life along the way? This started my path on scientific discoveries and knowledge. Gladly, I was not the only one who had such realizations. There were many others who before me started on this exciting path. Scientists that conquered the frowned upon relationship between science and faith. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who became incredible scientist. Scientists which I had the pleasure to learn some more about at this time.
John Lewis, a renowned Mormon scientist, was the first one that I had the pleasure to study about. John is a former professor of planetary science for the University of Arizona. With his interest in chemistry and the formation of the solar system, Professor Lewis finds himself being one of the top scientists on our world today, specializing into turning potential hazardous near-Earth objects into special resources. Professor Lewis became a member of the church on the year 1980, leaving his Presbyterian faith behind. Listening to his testimony about the Plan of Salvation was a powerful experience. The spirit undoubtedly testifies of the veracity of this questions that scientist have been asking ever since the world was created. This experience magnified my knowledge and testimony that to become the perfect scientist one have to search for perfect faith.
After learning from Brother Lewis, I was blessed to learn about Henry Eyring, another renowned Mormon scientist, father to President Henry B. Eyring, of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Being born a farm boy into a hard-working family, Henry Eyring was not a stranger to dedication to learning and growing. Becoming a Doctor at the age of thirty was simply one of his many accomplishments. He immortalized himself by becoming one of the most renowned chemists of the 20th century, being even nominated for a Nobel prize. Even today, his works and findings continue to illuminate the scientific field. Henry Eyring was also very well known as a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in a time where scientific discoveries were in a up rise, threatening the faith of many. He served as the Church’s representative for several scientific conferences, never denying his faith and always conciliating scientific truth and eternal truth. Being a very kind and honest man, Henry was an example to all that he met. One of the greatest things that I’ve learned from him is his belief that science is okay, and once we receive more knowledge they would become compatible. This has always been my belief, and learning that I’m not alone with it was a tremendous comfort. His unshakable faith and unwavering testimony should be a lesson to us all.
The last scientist I had the pleasure to learn about was Craig M. Young, a renowned marine biologist. His experience with people thinking strangely of him for being a faith oriented scientist was very appealing to me, having experienced it myself. I was personally touched by how he brings his faith and makes it compatible with his work as a scientist. His testimony and account that prayer can be used for scientific purposes as well brought to me a greater testimony that God is a perfect scientist. I also personally loved how he put Omniscience on a scientific perspective, something I had never thought about it before. His unusual approach to evolution and God’s ways of creating and organizing things on a natural realm was also very enlightening. It was an interesting experience because as I read this, I greatly felt the spirit testifying of these truths. I add my desire to his when I say that I do look forward to meet the Scholar who knows of all things about our world and the natural order of all things.
I believe that God, our creator, is the Head of all. He understands science perfectly and sees it as a way to accomplish His ways. The day speedily comes when we will all be able to see His mighty works and testify that they came to pass by two principles that are eternal and equally important: Science and Faith. Until then I shall remain the awkward “mad scientist” who believes in a supreme creator. At least now I know that I’m definitely not alone.

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