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This week is crunch week–the development of your Specific Action Plans. This is a two-fold assignment worth 45 points. The first part is the development of your specific action plan derived from your Broad Action Plan from last week. The second part is a projection of your financials–specifically, if you’re anticipating an increase in sales, profits or expenditures what does that look like over the next 5 years.

First, state your assumptions about the internal and/or external environment—this will allow the rest of us to adopt your viewpoint. Also state your objectives using the SMART criteria–e.g., make sure they’re Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Relevant/Realistic and Time–based. Finally, develop a Specific Action Plan (SAP).

As a reminder, the following is a list of possible actions that would increase profitability.

Market development—what new markets might you go into?
Product development—are there new products where you can use your core competencies?
Related diversification—horizontal integration is the best choice
Unrelated diversification—you would use vertical integration in this instance
Cost cutting measures with the current business form—paperless—recycling—conserving electricity
Cost cutting by outsourcing and/or offshoring
Consolidating offices—getting rid of the redundancies
Divestiture of under-performing units
Once you decide what your course of action will be, you will need to determine the:

Research? What kind? Basic? Product? Process? Marketing?
Who is the target?
If using global or international strategies—S.W.O.T. is required
Who will do this? How many people will it take? Skill set required?
How much will they make? Plus benefits?
Where will they do it? Will it require new facilities?
How long will it take?
What will be the cost of each and every factor?
What must come first?
How will you finance it? Debt? Equity? If your company normally carries a certain level of cash, it is not an option to simply take all of it to pay for your strategy. If they are holding cash it is probably to have a buffer against bad times or whatever.
If marketing is a consideration, who will do it? Inside? Or, hire an agency?
What media will you use? What types of programs will it air on? Frequency & timing of spots?
Digital advertising? Whose sites would you like to be associated with?
Are your information systems up to the new tasks?
Is the proper management team assembled?
All of the above is worth 25 points, which leaves 20 points for the financials.

Project requires annual—Balance Sheet—Income Statement—Statement of Retained Earnings—Statement of Cash Flows.

Show your current statements—this is your base line—then extrapolate these numbers out about 5 years. If your past trend line exhibited a 3% average growth in revenue, then use that percentage, or if you are in a growing industry and you would normally expect your growth to be moving incrementally (5% yr 1—6% yr 2—7% yr 3, well you get the picture) then show those numbers.

Prepare your annual financials showing how they will change based on your new strategy. Consider all associated costs involved with the new strategy. The timing of the costs involved.

Increased revenue. Remember to add the increases realized to what would have been attained without the new strategies.

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