My Career Idol

My career idol is my dad. He is a lawyer. He is successful, educated, smart, understanding, and kind. He works at an office in Kingston. Sometimes, he goes to a courthouse to debate a trial to help out his client.
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1. Successful – having or full of success. He is a good debater, wins cases, is a liked lawyer, and is a recommended lawyer.
a. My dad is successful because he is a good lawyer
i. He is a good debater which means he is a good lawyer
ii. If you?re a good lawyer then you win cases
b. My dad is also successful because he wins lots of cases
i. He wins cases which makes him a liked lawyer
ii. Then he is more likely to get recommended to other people
2. Educated – having or full of education on a certain subject or subjects. He knows how to deal with certain cases, what to bring up, what to research, and how to respond to questions.
a. My dad is educated because he is a good lawyer
i. He knows a lot about how to deal with certain cases
ii. He knows what to bring up as points to defend his client
b. My dad is also educated because he does research on what to talk about
i. He does research on the case so he knows what to bring up in court
ii. He knows how to respond to question asked by the opposing side
3. Smart – to know a lot about something or somethings. He knows what to do for every case, what to talk about, how to negotiate, and how to debate.
a. My dad is smart because he knows all the keys to being a good lawyer
i. He knows what to do for certain cases
ii. He know what to talk about in court for certain cases
b. My dad is also smart because he knows how to negotiate and debate
i. My dad is able to negotiate a fine to less money or to get rid of it
ii. My dad is able to debate against what people say against his client
4. Understanding – to be able to understand. He understands what people need, what he has to do, what to say, and what to bring up.
a. My dad is understanding because he knows what he has to do to win over a case
i. He understands what his client needs
ii. He understands what he has to do to win a case
b. My dad is also understanding because he understands what he needs to say to win a case
i. He know what words to say to persuade the jury and judge to think his client is not guilty
ii. He knows what points to bring up to support his case
5. Kind – to show generousness and understanding towards someone. He does all the research, talks with his client, does at-home research, and talks at home to his client.
a. My dad is kind because he helps his client to his best ability
i. He does all the research he can do to help
ii. He talks with his client to help him
b. He uses his own time to help out
i. He does research at home
ii. He talks to his client at home to understand him and his problem”

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