Musicians Health

Almost all musical instruments require either a static discomforting posture to be maintained or repetitive motions when playing. As for those instruments that can played while seated, it is essential that the used stool, bench or chair fit the musicians body dimensions. Typically a musician should that the height of their seat puts their hips and knees at the same level. Sitting down for a prolonged periods can have severe health side effects on a person, particularly if your posture and workstation is poor. There are various ways of ensuring that a good and healthy posture is maintained such as change of posture regularly. It does not matter how healthy one’s working posture might be, over sitting for a long period is not advisable.

If an adjustable chair is available it is advised for a musician to interchange between the below highlighted positions, to relax muscles:

•    Sit upright. With the thighs horizontal, chest almost vertical, and the lower legs vertical.

•    Sit reclined. Incline the back of the chair so that your chest is reclines to an angle of between 100 and 120 degrees from your thighs.

•    Sit declined. Tilt the chair slightly so that the angle between your chest and thighs is approximately 90 degrees. 

To maintain health and avoid being injured while in the line of work the body should get quality sleep. The night is meant for sleeps in order restore our minds and body strengths for the next day. The quality of sleep a musician gets has a direct impact on how their performance will be. It also affects their creativity, emotional balance and weight. Sleep is not just a mere period when the body shuts off. As the body rests, the brain is always busy, overseeing an extensive variety of biological maintenance that helps the body function at its optimal condition, and prepare   for the day ahead.  Without sufficient hours of sleep concentrating on a day’s activities become almost impossible. By quality sleep it does not only imply sleeping for long hours, the sleeping position and environment should be checked too. Pillow used should not be very rigid as this might case neck injuries.

Anxiety is a natural feeling and has not negative effect to one’s health. However being over anxious is unhealthy not mentioning that it will negatively affect a musician’s performance. Anxiety lowers self esteem, it is therefore important to be able to control it. This can be done by keeping yourself busy on activities that are fun and consume less energy.

As a musician to maintain good health and prevent a stressful life style one should reflect on his or her poor choices that contribute to stress. For instance it might be that as a musician you are over spending so as to appease friends yet your financial status does not allow that. Continuation of this habit will always put on at a hard point of having to be in lots f debts. One should be able to learn from prior mistakes and avoid being in such situations again.

It is also healthy to be sharing feelings. Obviously as a musician you go through a lot on a daily basis, starting from harsh criticism from haters to the pressure exerted by the work. Having trustworthy friends with whom one can share feelings helps is relieving the burden. Sadly there might be a case where the feelings are person and one is not comfortable to share with friends, if that is the case there is always the option of consulting a therapist. 

Learning to forgive and let go helps maintaining a positive attitude and mindset. No one is perfect and as a result people are prone to collide, it is unavoidable. One should free themselves from negative energy by learning to forgive and move on. Negativity is avoided through recreational activities. Gaming, swimming, cycling or exercising are some of the activities that as a musician you may participate in to keep off the negative energy.

The lifestyle of a musician is not easy and is likely to be challenge with a lot of stress.  So opt to smoke, drink excessively, procrastinate, overeat/under eat or use drugs to relax. Although these methods might be effective they have long term consequence on the well being of the user. For instance excessive consumption of alcohol may cause liver cirrhosis which is a deadly disease that will force a musician to take a break from work. When music is the only source of income taking a break from it will pile up the victim with more stress.

Therefore musicians should adopt methods of coping with stress that contribute to improving their physical and emotional health. The best method of handling stress is one which not only finds the cause of the stress but also seeks to find means of eliminating it for good. Musicians should adopt a lifestyle that has eating healthy and working out as a routine. Most people view working out as a one day thing, but this is not the case it should be done customarily.

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