Music Concert

I attended the Ji Young An, Violin, and James Lent, Piano music concert. The main reason behind the concert was to showcase and make it understandable how more than one person can perform collaboratively on one piano. The show was to show that cultural diversity cannot be a barrier to entertainment so long as quality skills and talent are present. Expected performers were Ji Young a South Korean violinist and pianist Dr. James Lent who has a doctrine in Musical arts degree from Yale School of music. Dr. Lent is currently in the UCLA department of music serving in the collaborative piano faculty. He has a colorful reputation among being the noble winner of National Chopin Piano Competition in New York. Ms. Young studied   violin performance at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, and successfully graduated with a Doctrine and Master’s degrees. Ji also did closely learn with prominent violinists such as the likes of Movses Pogossian, Maryvonne Le Dizes, and Alexander Treger.

I was in the hall about five minutes before the concert officially kicked off. I had o witness how the whole event would start from scratch. Surprisingly I was not the only one who seemed to be eager for the show because I found quite a number of people already seated waiting to be entertained. Ten minutes later the concert’s host stepped on the stage welcoming everyone official and moved on swiftly to introduce the performers giving the lady the first honors. The audience was lively and jovial in the way the applauded Ms. Young as she walked up the stage. It was amazing how the violinist was able to calm and soothe everyone, capturing their attention. And when Dr. Lent and his team took over the stage the musical transition that covered the hall was magnificent.

All I had read about Dr. Lent emerged to be very true. In conjunction with his team, he could fuse up his skills in unison without any fluctuation in tempo. The two performers could also all at ones focus on their instrument, be attentive in observing the audience and also be time conscious. They seemed to have been following a certain well-laid schedule in how they did their performance. More time was given to an act that seemed to be more captivating to the audience or where they audience applauded.

I found the concert to be fun than any other almost similar concert I had ever attended. It was a pleasure witnessing Dr. Lent performing live being aware all the success attached to his career. Although I did not know most of the songs being played somehow I was not bored and will not mind attending such a show one more time. I also loved the arrangement of the whole concert in term of how they were punctual in starting and there was no time wastage by the host. However, I thought it would have been more fun if just before the main artist of the day made way to the stage they would have been some other form of entertainment just to warm up the audience.

To conclude, I was able to find the music concert fun because it was like practically witnessing concepts taught in class being put into practice. The cultural diversity incorporated in the composition of the violinist was spectacular. I believe that all I got from the concert will come in handy some day as I progress with my school work.

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