Much Ado about Nothing Essay

In the play Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare presents true love as the play’s centerpiece. Everything in this play revolves around the idea of true love and how it greatly affects a few certain characters. In this play, we see four characters, Claudio, Benedick, Hero, and Beatrice affected by the strong influence of true love. Other characters in this play such as Don Pedro and Leonato are affected by love, however, they do not fully experience the true love that these four characters do. Shakespeare uses these characters to display two views of love; an immature view, and a more realistic view.
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During the play, Much Ado About Nothing, true love and marriage have a strong connection. Shakespeare uses the main characters to show viewers his meaning of true love. True love according to Shakespeare is the idea of the willingness to be with one person and to sacrifice anything for that love. In the play, Shakespeare displays Claudio’s love for Hero with grace. Claudio’s passionate personality drives his hunger for true love. Claudio states that despite swearing he would never marry, he would take it back if it meant he could marry Hero. Their love for one another is immature but inevitable, and are happily married despite the challenges they overcome. On the other hand, Beatrice and Benedick have a history. Benedick is portrayed as the typical man during this time, but Beatrice is different as she is more strong-willed to an extent. Shakespeare does a fantastic job of portraying Beatrice as not the traditional woman, allowing it to affect her relationship with Benedick. For example, at beginning of the play, Beatrice makes fun of Benedick and challenges him, but as the play continues Beatrice and Benedick’s affections for one another become more apparent. Subsequently, Benedick and Beatrice fall in love and marry happily.
The relationship between Claudio and Hero differs greatly from Benedick and Beatrice. At the beginning of the play, Benedick and Beatrice insult one another, concealing their true feelings. However, as the play continues, Benedick and Beatrice’s connection grows stronger when they are tricked into believing the other loves them. After this, the two confess their true feelings to each other, resulting in them falling in love. In my opinion, I believe that Benedick and Beatrice’s love for each other is more realistic. They share a connection far greater than Claudio and Hero’s puppy love, which also allows their relationship to be far more mature. Benedick and Beatrice’s love is an example of the type of love seen more in today’s world. This love is a love of equality, where one gender does not dominate another, as men did during their time. Shakespeare wants viewers to experience the love shared between Beatrice and Benedick because of how rare it truly is. He wants the audience to see that Beatrice and Benedick’s love is different but strong. Shakespeare completes his masterpiece of displaying true love through Benedick and Beatrice’s happy marriage.
Shakespeare displays the effects of true love thoroughly in this play. He brings two different couples together under the strong influence of true love. Each couple has their own struggles and Shakespeare does an excellent job of displaying them. Claudio struggles with his maturity but learns to grow up in order to be worthy of marrying Hero. Benedick and Beatrice are the complete opposite as they struggle to admit and display their love and affection for each other. In conclusion, despite both couples struggling, true love prevails and leads to the happy marriages that Shakespeare wants his audience to witness.

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