Mozart Essay

Mozart Essay

Question 1

Some people are of the ideas that separation between Mozart and the archbishop was brought about by low salary. However, this was not the case as if it were Mozart would have left the job for another aristocrat in Salzburg that promised to triple his salary. According to Mozart fundamental values that drove his decision were freedom and “respect. From Mozart’s perspective, he was not pleased with how the archbishop took him as a servant.  To worsen things he was not at liberty to do his external activities when under the archbishop. The talented composer wanted to showcase his skills in big towns like the likes of Munich in Germany. Unfortunately, the archbishop could not stomach the thought of his servant moving from one place to another.

The archbishop must have been of the idea that by Mozart wandering around he would not be effective in his local work. Certainly, the fame Mozart was gaining would come with a cost of consuming most of his time in planning traveling schedules. Mozart believed to have made the right decision by quitting working in the hands of Archbishop. He turned to be successful in hosting a concert that played his music including a piano concerto. He now had the freedom to choose a new conductor that would be obedient to him. The music fan in Salzburg was in the loss end for having lost Mozart. During that era, the artist had managed to grip a large base of followers through concerts for his own music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not only sacked from his position as court organist, but he was also kicked by the archbishop. What was comforting for the battered and bruised artist was that he would never have to undergo such treatment again. Generally, artists and composers are expected to occupy respected positions in the society. Such popular people are treated with respect different from the rest of the commoners. However, this was not the case with Mozart as he grew up. Within compounds of the princes and kings, who ruled in England during this period, composers were taken just like any other servant.

Archbishop Colloredo was cruel and authoritative. Since he was in charge, he believed that he had the mandate to treat those under him as he pleased. This is why he dictated what Mozart could do during his external time. His reasons for not letting Wolfgang showcase his talent were biased and self-centered. As for Mozart, he was not only obedient, but he was also tolerant and perseverant. Because of his passion for his work he tried to his level best to withhold all the harsh treatment he received working on the court.  He was also a humble and calm man as even thou he was fired and kicked he never retaliated, but he instead left peacefully.

According to Mozart he considering being fired as the best thing that could have happened to him will working for the archbishop. This was because he would now be free from having to pretend to be at ease with the sort of servant-like treatment he was receiving.

Question 2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was fortunate for being brought up by an experienced musician as a father figure. Leopold Mozart swiftly noted the potential that his son had. Mozart and Leopold were dependent on each other. It is comprehensible that Mozart’s father viewed the actions of his son with skepticism. But he trusted him and was willing to give up much of himself for his sake.

 Mozart’s father always took his son to be dependent on his advice. Leopold did not believe Mozart was mature enough to make decisions all by himself. This is possibly one of the  reasons as to why when Wolfgang wanted to marry; he had to run away from the influence of his father. Mozart must have always been afraid of not reaching his father’s expectations of him. In his compositions, he did not only write what he thought but also what he knew his father would expect. This fear prevented an intimate father-son bond where Mozart could share his thoughts freely.

During Mozart’s stay in France he had to deal with the death of his mother without the support of his father. This situation made him more mature which made him want to be more independent. As a result when his father wanted him to build a home in Salzburg he disagreed and rebelled. Evidently, the balance of power between father and son had begun to transform. The aging father began to lose the influence over his growing son. Mozart began rising to fame when he was a teenager; obviously, this is the time when adolescents start identifying and understand themselves. And with his father always following up on his affairs there tended to be disagreement between the two. This disagreement made Mozart want to be as far as possible from Leopold. On the other hand the father, Leopold thought that the stage his son was to be the stage that he needed him most.

It is clear that the relationship between Mozart and his father was unstable. Mozart used to live in a way that his father wanted but not as he pleased. This was an issue that he had had to cope up with for quite a long period in his life. Just like a typical father might want for his son, Leopold wanted the very best for Mozart. Sadly sometimes the impact that this has on children is not positive. Out of love for his son, Leopold was obsessed with rendering the best for Mozart in the world that he forgot Mozart deserved a normal teenage life.

The relationship between Mozart and his father had a positive impact on his music career. His father was sort of like a mentor to him and gave him the motivation he deserved. Moreover having someone trust in your talent is an important thing in making sure one does not give up regardless of the obstacles faced.  From the Viennese years of Mozart’s profession issues of apology and forgiveness can be depicted on how the composer moved on after leaving Salzburg.

The death of Leopold was a tragedy, although Mozart wanted to be independent he still at some point want support from his father. He might have tried to take the news of his father’s death calmly, but it was certainly a hit on him. It made him learn to appreciate the presence of those who care about one’s wellbeing.  Leopold passing must have also made Mozart feel resentful for having tried to run away from the man who primarily made the success he had be possible.

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