Movie Review

Paper details:

Think about the following model while designing your paper (we are still following the scientific method):


Assignment No. 4 (5%) The body of your Movie Review must be unique and be connected to your psychological theory of choice, approved in advance by me.

If you have done a good job on the presentations and assignment No. 1, you will have good idea what to write in this assignment.

You should write at least 2-3 double spaced pages by applying the theory to a particular scene/s in the film. You can introduce the concept of your theory, describe the scene and discuss why the scene is relevant to the theory or concept. You should have at least 3 to 5 scenes that you discuss in depth.

At the end, discuss how the material that you assessed confirms your hypothesis. You can support your informed opinion with information from the peer reviewed article or book that you used. Please do not forget to use APA style.

We will discuss the entire relevancy of the film in the conclusion which is a separate assignment.

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