Movie Review of the Black Panther:


Movie Review of the Black Panther:

Paper details:

Movie Review of the Black Panther:

This assignment has to contain the following items:

1.Revised title

2.Revised Introduction containing introduction of your domain, theorist and theme of choice and your hypothesis.

3.Revised Body (as specified in the previous assignment)

4.Conclusion. (At least 1 1/2 page double spaced)

For your conclusion, address the broader questions: What is Art and How Does Art Work? According to your opinion, why did the film intrigue you, move you, bore you, for example? What was your reaction to the film and why do you think that you reacted in this particular way.

Are the resulting sadness, joy, and/or fear the same when you watch a film as the psychological states we experience in real life when, say, a friend dies, you are happy, or you suddenly lose control of a car on an icy road?

What makes some art good? Do you think that art plays a role in the civilizing process and makes us better individuals? Do you think that this film is a masterpiece and why?

In order to answer this question, explore the main themes, the music, the characters, the context, and the shooting locations and your favorite scene.

Do you think that this movie had an effect on you or would you “prescribe it” to your patients as a therapeutic tool and why? What do you think about “cinema therapy” after reading the article below? (Links to an external site.)

Conclude with how this movie might have healing potential and if yes, why. Finally, what is the psychological significance of the film?

5. Annotated Bibliography

6. Reference List

Please do not forget to properly use the APA Style.

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