Morges’ conduct likely qualifies as which of the following

Agnes works for STARQUEST LTD in the IT department. Her supervisor is Morges. Agnes is very good at her job and Morges fears threatened by her. Over a period of several months he routinely criticizes her work and withholds information from her that she should have to do her job. Then he sends her emails telling her she has missed deadlines and committed other errors. Agnes tries to defend herself but this only angers Morges. The last straw for Agnes was Morges telling her she would be better off at home “taking care of her husband.” Agnes complains to HR about Morges’ conduct.

QUESTION: Morges’ conduct likely qualifies as which of the following?

Question 12 options:

violation of Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended

violation of Equal Pay Act

violation of Fair Labor Standards Act

None of the above; he has not violated any act

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