Moliere’s Tartuffe


Moliere’s Tartuffe

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Essay Instructions

1. What character OR plot situation in Moliere’s comedy Tartuffe plays today?
Select an incident, one idea, OR one character that you think is relevant today and give examples from the play by quoting lines and showing how this topic/idea/or character is recognizable in the 21st century or has evolved in today’s world.

The main question your essay should answer is: Is this 17th century play relevant in the 21st century–and of course, does it instruct and does it entertain?

Use only primary sources (lines from the play) to develop your thesis. You may enjoy and quote from a film production of the play, but be sure to always credit your source and translator. Your Works Cited page must include every translation and film production you use. Make sure that you credit the author Moliere, the title, the translator, and the act, scene, line (in numerals only).

The essay is to be written in MLA format. Research in MLA is documented with in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

The essay must be:
Has a title that accurately reflects the essay’s thesis or argument.
Introduction that contains a focused argument (thesis).
Development: paragraphs including documented quotes, paraphrases, summaries that support the argument/thesis; supporting details that align (directly) with the argument/thesis.
Summary that restates the thesis and projects the argument forward
Works Cited (At least one primary source(s) and at least 2 secondary sources)

To complete the essay, you will need the scriipt which is attached in the pdf file under scriipt in bold. You can also view the Moliere’s Tartuffe play on YouTube, by Jean Baptiste Poquelin de Moliere and Richard Wilbur.

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