Moist heat cooking

Meat has been a significant source of protein for human beings for ages. The meat structure is made up of muscle fibers and protein smidgeons that are bound compactly, making the meat tough. The toughness of meat depends on the frequency of the use of muscles in the animal since it increases the concentration of connective tissues and muscle density. Acidic substances have the property of weakening the bonds holding the protein molecules in the meat structure. Acidic substances only soften meat on the surface; therefore, it is necessary to slice thin pieces of meat to increase the surface area of exposure. Tomatoes, being acidic, serve to loosen these bonds, thus tenderizing the meat (Decker, 2017). Meat can also be tenderized through mechanical force by using a mallet or inserting blades in the meat, slow cooking, marinade, fruit enzymes such as pawpaw and pineapple, baking soda, and salting (Tucker, 2017).

There are two commonly used methods in cooking meat, namely dry heat and moist heat methods. The dry heat method is further categorized into dry heat using oils or cooking fats and dry heat without using oils or fats. Dry heat using oils or fats include deep-frying, pressure frying, and sautéing, while the latter includes grilling and broiling. The moist heat methods are poaching, steaming, roasting, simmering, braising, and stewing (Alfaro, 2020). Deep-fried beef is my best meal. It is prepared by filling the cooking pan with enough oil to halfway up the beef. The cooking oil should be left to heat up to 148°C. The meat is then dipped into the hot oil, and it is flipped after four minutes until it is ready. Vegetables go well with the fried beef due to the additional flavor.


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