Module Eleven Discussion Forum

As Australians, living in a wealthy industrial society, we have freedom to consume an immense array of commodities. Wilk argues that consumption is the key ecological issue that needs to be addressed by anthropologists. In this module our personal environmental choices are examined by our guest lecturer Justin See in light of the vast differences in global consumption patterns. Justin also highlights the vast discrepancies between producers’ and consumers’ emissions. We also examine some of the global ecological consequences of our own consumer behaviours; charting the relationship between the global economy and global ecology.

After you have viewed the lecture and completed your reading  please the question below. We suggest you write 160-200 words for your forum post.

Give an example of a form of advertising or labelling on a product that promotes the environmental benefits (or promotes ethical and / or sustainable aspects) of consuming a particular product. What kind of claims are made on the label? Do you think these claims are legitimate or not? How would/could you test whether or not these claims are legitimate? Bring your labelling or advertising example to the tutorial this week for discussion.

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