Module #1: Introduction to a Human Pathogen

Module #1: Introduction to a Human Pathogen


This semester, you will build a written portfolio on a pathogen that is currently affecting your selected healthcare field or in biotechnology. Instead of traditional homework questions about the content of the chapter, each module homework assignment will help you build parts of that portfolio. At the end of the semester, you will submit the “Infectious Disease Essay” which will be the culmination of all your hard work on the content this semester.


For Module #1, you will select a human pathogen and begin investigating the pathogen and the disease(s) it causes. Before you begin answer the questions below, please complete a brief Google search on current infectious disease trends for your respective program. Select an article to use as the basis for the beginning of your research. Make sure you can identify the pathogen that causes the disease! **NOTE: This article does not have to be peer-reviewed but should be from a reputable news source. The link for the paper you select will need to be included at the very end of your essay (see below). After you find the initial article describing the current trends in infectious disease (that leads to your decision), all articles should come from peer-reviewed sources. This means absolutely NO Wikipedia! The library website has TONS of resources available.

You will prepare a two-page essay (double-spaced) with 1” margins using APA formatting to answer the following questions. *Remember – the more work you put in during each module assignment, the overall assignment will be MUCH easier to compile with little-to-no editing required. Be sure to cite appropriately!


1. What CGTC program are you applying to or have been accepted into?

2. Describe the role of Microbiology in your selected profession.

3. What pathogen did you select and why?

4. Briefly, describe the diseases the pathogen can cause.

5. Where does your selected pathogen “fall” on the phylogenetic tree of life? Is it a Eukaryote, Prokaryote, Fungi, Helminth, Virus?

6. Discuss the structure of the microorganism.

7. What are key features associated with locomotion and attachment?

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to keep track of any papers you find to support your work. You will need to use them to compile a “Works Cited” page for your Infectious Disease Essay.


All submissions will be checked against the SafeAssign software in Blackboard. You should review your score once you upload your paper. If the score is ≥35-40%, you may want to look at the paper and make sure you do not have too many direct quotes from outside sources. It is OKAY to use direct quotes, but you must use in-text citations correctly to avoid plagiarism.

I highly recommend the Purdue Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) website for help with the APA formatting.

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