Communication is essential in avoiding misunderstandings in a relationship that can lead to conflict, confusion or resentment. It is advisable to use an effective way of communicating that best suit a relationship. Communication is a two way street, it does not only involve exchanging information but it also calls for understanding the intention of the message being passed. When conveying a message one should not only opt for a method that will only guarantee the message will be delivered but also understood in the exact way as anticipated by sender. Modern communication technology has helped in maintaining effective communication in relationships. Technology has had a positive impact on communication in various ways. 

For instance it has helped in reducing   time spent as partners in relationships wait to hear from each other. With the contemporary communication being handled by satellites, wireless signals and other advanced equipment, this has ensured almost instantaneous delivery and feedback of messages. Bonds in relationship are now stronger as couples can communicate with each other with a click of a button and feel as though their spouse is just right next to them. Communicating electronically is also more reliable than initial means of communication such as use of letters.  Modern communication technology helps in bridging the distance for those in long distance relationship. This is an attribute of the high speed in conveying messages which has been made possible by technological advancement. One can be more aware of what his or her relatives are up to regardless of their locality. This makes modern systems of communicating to be preferred to the old traditional ways (Klein, 2014). There is need of having to move from one place to another to check on a relative or friend.

  Information sent electronically immediately reaches its destination, with minimum hindrance. So long as data cables are secure, those in relationships can communicate over the internet or through a cell phone regardless of harsh weather conditions. This feature of modern communication technology has tremendously made business and official communication   easier. Such effective communication has facilitated formation of productive business relations for many companies both locally and internationally. Based on recently conducted research most friendship is made through social networking. This would not have been possible if it were not for the progression of technology and its role in communication. Facebook, Twitter, emails and use of mobile phones have enhanced means of communicating in relationship at minimum cost. However relationships built via social media may turn to have a bad ending as partners hardly get emotionally attached. When such online relationships are in conflict they may result to throwing insults and rudeness, cutting the friendship short (Goldsmith, 2013).

Customarily dating was defined by a series several face-to-face encounters to get to know each other. However over the years this has changed and texting is considered by most to be the main source of relationship communication (Theresa, 2041). This method of modern communication technology evades some of the tricky barriers that would have been faced when in a face-to-face conversation. In text messaging nonverbal signs are inapplicable this avoids the case where an unintended nonverbal gesture affects a message. Texting has been linked to the stability and satisfaction of many relationships. 

In conclusion, in as much as the initiation of modern communication technology has developed and fortified relationships, they might also damage them. Social networking allows a person to communicate with more than two people at a go. This may result in spouses in relationships not paying enough attention to each other. Additional the use of these modern means of communication encourage the detachment of emotions in most conversations which gradually lead to falling of relationships. 


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