MKT 301 Mod 2 wk 2

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) works by merging media advertising channels and tools into a collective idea that enhances consumers’ marketing experience. Technology has prompted investors to adopt new marketing strategies other than the traditional ones. Consumers tend to frequently consume messages on the internet, a thing marketers can use to their advantage (Alavi, n.d.). The Troop to Truckers (T2T) program is an example of marketers that utilizes the internet and public relations to give veterans and their beneficiaries an incredible and irresistible experience. 

           The T2T program runs a website that adequately feeds the target audience with information regarding its operation. The program offers training services to past and present troops and their spouses and employs them in the practical trucking industry.  The website also provides contact details and follows up with the client to assess their qualifications and needs, address their questions, and provide job placement instructions. The program satisfies the consumers’ concerns by feeding them market details and creating a platform where they feel connected. The T2T program also offers counseling services to military personnel and prepares them for a promising future in the trucking profession (, 2020).

           T2T organization correctly employs IMC tools to boost military personnel experience by creating a relatable and beneficial environment where the consumers can apply skills gathered in the military. The T2T program also uses the discipline and dedication of military persons to link them to other organizations that prepare them for reentry into the community (Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport, 2020). Several testimonies of consumers of the T2T program affirm how the movement consoles military persons in society. Additionally, the program provides biased free services to every qualified individual regardless of skin color, financial status, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. The program plays a significant role in repaying military services by the provision of a trucking career future.



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Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport. (2020). Hansen & Adkins auto transport. Troops to Truckers – Military Veteran CDL Training & Employment. (2020, September 21). Troops to transportation program trains vets for trucking careers

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