Minority Leaders in Social Welfare History Paper

Paper details:

Write a three-to-five-page paper on a minority leader in social welfare history. A list of minority leaders in social welfare can be found on Blackboard. The paper should include the following:
• A brief biography of the individual.
• Background of the issue the individual became involved in.
• Course of action taken by the individual or group they led.
• What was the outcome of the participation of the person/group?
• What changes were made? Were the changes successful? If so, how? If not, why not?
• What is the impact on today’s social welfare system?
• What do you think might have been done differently?
• Select one characteristic that the individual selected possesses that you would like to embody as a professional social worker. Describe why you choose that particular characteristic.
The characteristic I choose is compassion. I am entering into the field of Social Work and compassion I believe is a characteristic that is key for this profession.

Papers should be written in APA format, with a minimum of three (3) in-text citations and reference page

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