Mikaela Shelton – Pornography

Pornography Use
In today’s society there are many consumers who are viewing pornography. It is said that pornography is like a drug. Pornography is affecting not only the society, but as well as the induvial who is using it. Pornography is both an issue and a trouble. As referring to both of these issues having a focus on the society and trouble more towards an inviable.
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The question is, how is porn an issue? There are so many individuals in today’s society who are consuming porn. How is it an issue? Some of the reasons why porn is an issue is because of where the porn comes from and how it is made. Some of the things that are happening because of porn in society are: sex trafficking, violence, how men and women view each other as objects, the list could go on and on. None the less all porn is bad and damaging to the society and individuals who are consuming it. Porn can pretty much be accessed anywhere and it is causing even children to view it which it is damaging the younger generation even more. There are children who are younger then 10 who is already becoming addicted to it. It is said that pornography, “causes depression and anxiety as well as the feeling of loneliness.” I believe that this could lead to individuals to being suicidal.
Is porn a trouble for an induvial? It is said that pornography rewires the induvial brain and porn can overpower the induvial natural ability to have true sex. Porn is not only harmful to the induvial who consumes, but to the people around them. When a induvial views porn, because their brain gets rewired due to them viewing it. It causes the induvial to look at individuals as sex objects. It is said that they also start to see themselves as sex objects as well. According to www.fightthenewdrug.org it says, “One of the dangers of porn is that it can distort the way a consumer sees people, causing him or her to see friends, family members, coworkers, or strangers on the street only as a sum of body parts, discarding their humanity. …Porn can kill love in friendships, relationships with family members, and others in porn consumers’ lives. And it doesn’t stop there, porn also has the potential to kill the love consumers have for themselves. Ultimately, this often leaves porn consumers feeling lonely.”
Where this is affecting both the society and the induvial who is using this some people are making money off of this. It’s very interesting that porn isn’t illegal only child porn is. If porn causes sex trafficking and violence then why is it not illegal for everyone?


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