Microeconomic Analysis of American Airlines Group Inc.

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  • Subject: Economics
  • Style: MLA
  • Number of pages: 4 pages/single spaced (2200 words)
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Order instructions:Using the latest 10-Q and the corresponding 10-Q from the previous year, your task is to produce a Microeconomic Analysis and Recommendation with a recommended maximum of 2,200 words (tables/graphs not included) appraising the economic viability of the firm you selected for review. Employ the following microeconomic tools to explain and predict the implications of trends:
Company overview and firm-specific risks (max 200 words) [10 points]
Price elasticity of demand (max 500 words) [20 points]
Production (max 500 words) [20 points]
Market structure (max 500 words) [20 points]
Define what needs to be improved, given your determinations in other areas (max 200 words) [20 points]
In concluding this section, elaborate on the limitations of the above analysis, including what further sources of information you would like to use to make a more informed decision (200 words max).


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