MGT 4359: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


MGT 4359

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MGT 4359: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Module 1 Assignment 1: What is Your Conflict Style? Guidelines and Rubric
The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument was designed by two psychologists, Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann, to illustrate the strategies that people generally use when handling conflict. There are two dimensions in the model. The first dimension, the vertical axis, is concerned with conflict responses based on our attempt to get what we want. These are called the Assertiveness Options. The other dimension, the horizontal axis, is concerned with responses based on helping others get what they want and are called the Cooperativeness Options. For a more in-depth review of the work of Thomas-Kilmann, you may want to review The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Test (TKI Test). . (You are not required to purchase the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument for this class that is offered in the article.)
For this assignment, you will complete a survey modeled after The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and reflect on your personal conflict management style.
First, read Negotiation Styles by Calum Coburn found at as background information on the different negotiation styles and conflict profiles This article will introduce you to five common negotiation styles that we use in negotiating or resolving conflict. The five styles referred to in this article originated from the work of Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann (The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument). From this article, you will learn that in negotiating or resolving conflict, our approach is influenced by whether we are driven by what we want (Assertiveness) or more concerned with our relationships (Cooperativeness). Think about the following as you read to help you prepare for this assignment:
● In attempting to address conflict, are you generally more concerned with getting what you want or with preserving the relationship? ● When in conflict, do you approach conflicts with your siblings or family different than with your friends or co-workers? Are you more
competitive with family?
● Do you ever find yourself compromising or giving in to resolve a conflict only to find yourself feeling taken advantage of?
Then, review the article. What’s Your Conflict Management Style? | Walden University. This article is a condensed version of the Negotiations Styles article that you were assigned to read in this lesson.
Finally as part of this assignment, please complete the survey/quiz in the following link: management-style/ that identifies your conflict management style based on your responses to the questions posed in the survey/quiz.

MGT 4359: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
After completing the survey, you will receive an analysis report identifying the numerical values of your answers that shows your preferred conflict resolution style. Please save a PDF copy of this analysis to submit with your assignment.
To complete this assignment, review your survey results and reflect on the accuracy of your analysis. Specifically, be sure to include the following:
1. Explain whether you feel that the analysis correctly identifies your primary conflict management style (and why).
2. If not, explain which conflict management style you think more closely reflects your approach to dealing with conflict.
Guidelines for Submission: Your reflection should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, 1-2 paragraphs in length, double-spaced, 12- point font. You must also submit a PDF copy of your survey analysis.

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